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800 TS Absorbance Reader

800 TS Absorbance Reader
  • 800 TS Absorbance Reader
  • 800 TS Absorbance Reader


The 800™ TS Absorbance Reader is an affordable, high quality microplate reader for assays in 6- to 384-well formats. The color touchscreen provides a visual user interface, making programming fast and intuitive. Applications for the  800 TS extend from endpoint ELISA to temperature sensitive kinetic assays, enabled with Gen5 Software. The 800 TS partners well with the 50™ TS Washer, making a compact, versatile and affordable system to automate many application workflows. 

- Applications -

The 800 TS easily measures absorbance in microplate-based assays. The onboard software is ideal for endpoint protocols, and under computer control with Gen5 software, applications include kinetic ELISA.



High quality, high performance at an affordable price

The 800 TS delivers high quality, high performance microplate reading at an affordable price. Robust instrument hardware and powerful software, along with unparalleled service and support, make BioTek the #1 plate reader brand.

Application versatility: ELISA, protein and other endpoint assays to kinetics and cell based assays

With its 340 to 750 nm wavelength range, the 800 TS is ideal for a variety of applications including ELISA, protein, and other endpoint protocols. Incubation and shaking expand the reach to enzyme kinetics and cell-based assays.

Color touchscreen for quick, easy programming and operation

The touchscreen and menu-driven software make protocol creation intuitive and simple. Simple press start to ready, and the 800 TS delivers results quickly and reliably. Protocols and results are saved onboard for instant recall.

USB flash drive for convenient data export, Gen5 import for analysis

Many assays require more extensive data analysis and reporting. For convenience, you can export data to a USB flash drive and import it into Gen5 software for advanced data handling and custom reporting.