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Cell Stretching System
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About Cell Stretching System

Our Cell Stretching Systems [ShellPa] and [ShellPa Pro] have been developed under clos e supervision by Prof. Keiji NARUSE, Department of Cardiovascular Physiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.Prof. Naruse established a business venture, Strex Inc. and has been working through the research development for the cell culturing systems with mechanical stresses. The research achievement with over 20 years including the establishment of Strex Inc. has been taken over to Strex International, LLC that offers research development for laboratory equipment and medical devices based on the Mechanobiology, and the technologies are applied to our products.

What is ShellPa Pro?

“ShellPa Pro” is a mechanical cell stretch system developed to replicate the dynamic environment inside the human body and to apply mechanical stress on cells being cultured outside the body. Changes and responses of cultured cells, not obtainable in conventional static cell culture, can be observed. “ShellPa Pro” in addition to the basic functions of “ShellPa”, provides a greater variety of dynamic environments.

Product Features

《1》 Variety of stretch pattern setting available
●Operating pattern - Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Saw-tooth wave, etc.
●Stretch velocity - Ultralow-velocity available up to 48 mm/h(with 20% stretch ratio)
●Stretch ratio - Possible up to Max. 20% (in 1% steps)
●Retention of stretching state - Retention of stretching state and non-stretching state for 24 hours
●Setting of continuous stretch frequency - Automatic standstill at the end of the set frequency

《2》 Condition setting by functional touch panel
Easy condition setting using simple and functional touch panel of the controller.

《3》 Use of electronic motor with little heat generation.
Using a motor with little heat generation to drive the stretch, it will not give a significant impact in the laboratory incubator.

Stretch Pattern

System Configuration

■Stretch chamber specifications The chamber has been developed specifically for the ShellPa series. Cells are observable through a transparent bottom membrane with a microscope. The chamber’s high elasticity and restorative ability enable consistent experiments in ShellPa series.Material:PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane)Area of base for culturing:4㎝2